MantaRay is the next-generation Ocean Bottom Node (OBN) handling system using Hovering Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (HAUV) capable of deploying and recovering nodes significantly faster and with better precision than traditional methods. Its unmatched effectiveness, efficiency, and reliability is unlocking the full potential of OBN seismic.

MantaRay allows for complete survey design flexibility providing optimal imaging to eliminate geological risk. Autonomous, tether-less operation brings unparalleled efficiency and pre-programmed autonomous mission planning ensures fast and accurate node placement. MantaRay minimizes seabed impact and reduces crew and operational exposure while bringing results faster to the client.

MantaRay is developed by PXGEO in collaboration with Saab based on their proven Sabertooth platform, capable of operating in water depths ranging from 4m – 3,000m. With its fully electrical design and removing the requirements for umbilicals and tethers, MantaRay offers unmatched operational reliability.

Tony Bowman, CEO of PXGEO, stated: We are very excited to present MantaRay with its unmatched effectiveness, efficiency, and reliability it will revolutionize the OBN industry and aligns with PXGEO’s commitment to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. I’m proud of our Engineering team’s relentless work and collaboration with Saab in developing MantaRay. We expect to have the initial fleet of MantaRays in full operation by the end of the year.

Görgen Johansson, head of Saab’s business area Dynamics, stated: Together with PXGEO, we are taking the step to make offshore seismic data acquisition fully autonomous. This breakthrough order is a great achievement and a significant milestone, made possible by our combined expertise.