By integrating its real-time Industrial Analytics Solution into the Siemens Remote Diagnostic Services portfolio of tools, Presenso is expected to support the Operations & Maintenance (O&M) services of Siemens.

The partnership is expected to result in creating necessary synergy between OEM and data knowledge to deliver superior outcomes to Siemens’ customers.

As part of the partnership, Presenso will apply its machine learning based solution to data generated from Siemens’ machines and newly deployed Smart Field Sensors, and automated machine learning or AutoML to Big Data, to detect subtle abnormal behavior patterns, indicative of evolving asset failure.

Siemens Service Distributed Generation and Oil & Gas head Thorbjörn Fors said: “The combination of Siemens’ next generation sensors and Presenso’s advanced Automated Machine Learning technology form the basis for real time asset monitoring.

“Early detection of machinery failure will allow our customers to improve the uptime, yield rates and revenue generated by industrial assets.”

Both the companies are currently deploying the solution in large scale in power plants and oil and gas facilities around the world.

Presenso CEO Eitan Vesely said: “We are excited to partner with a world-class industry leader such as Siemens and to collaborate towards a joint digital vision for the Distributed Generation and Oil&Gas industry.”

Presenso sprovides AI driven Industrial Analytics tools for Predictive Maintenance using data science innovations such as Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) and its tools are accessible to maintenance and reliability professionals without the need to hire Big Data experts.

Presenso CTO Deddy Lavid said: “As AutoML gains recognition as the leading solution for quick deployment and cost-efficient scaling of industrial analytics, Presenso continues to make a significant investment in this technology.”

In March, EDP Ventures, the Venture Capital arm of EDP, announced an investment in Presenso. The investment was expected to support a strategic partnership between EDP and Presenso, aiming to speed up Industry 4.0 adoption within the utility sector.