Considered to be one of the poorest countries in the European Union, the country’s major obstacle to economic growth and development is inadequate and unreliable supply of electricity.

The new 500MW coal-fired plant is considered to add to the country’s power reliability and support its energy independence and security.

Kosova e Re coal-fired power plant is claimed to have been designed as per European standards and Best Available Technology (BAT).

The new plant replaces the old Kosovo A coal plant, which is considered to be one of the most polluting power plants in Europe. Particulate matter and NOx emissions both of which are detrimental to human health are claimed to be reduced by about 90% with the new replacement.

Apart from improving quality in the country, the new plant will also drastically improve power reliability in the country. The old power plant was constructed in 1962 and is subject to frequent outages.

As the owner’s engineer, Pöyry and its joint venture partner will ensure that the technical and build contractors adhere to the project specifications and as such will support the development, design, construction, and commissioning phases of the facility.

The contract includes engineering, procurement & construction (EPC), conceptual and front end engineering design, technical specifications preparation and proposals review for contractor tendering and selection, design review services for detailed engineering, quality assurance plans and procedures, construction, commissioning and testing site supervision and technical project management services.

Pöyry Thermal Power and Renewable Energy Europe & New Markets Regional Director Michael Gruenenfelder said: “We are proud to support Contour Global and Kosovo in this project which is of strategic importance for Kosovo, using its indigenous resources to aid economic growth and social progress and help alleviate poverty.”