California-based publicly traded company Pierre has acquired geo/solar climate change solutions firm Fourth Wave Energy (FWE) for an undisclosed amount.

The deal was completed in an all-stock transaction.

Based in Colorado, FWE is founded and managed by a team of top alternative energy engineers, executives, and financial professionals.

FWE has developed breakthrough alternative energy systems for powering buildings with zero carbon emissions and no utility bills

According to Pierre, the company has applied for a name change to Fourth Wave Energy and for a new stock-trading symbol.

The company will be based in Denver and other regional offices will be located in San Jose, California and Dallas, Texas.

Initially, the company intends to expand net-zero housing market by building zero energy single and multi-family homes and eco-friendly communities in collaboration with local builders in various markets.

FWE intends to develop its first pilot projects in Denver, San Jose and Dallas.

Pierre CEO Joe Isaacs said: “Based on the growing urgency of the climate crisis, it’s imperative that the world rapidly decarbonise the built environment. 

“Buildings account for nearly 40% of carbon emissions, with 62% of their electricity being generated from fossil fuels. Net zero energy buildings must be an essential part of the green movement and that is where we specialise.

“Fourth Wave Energy plans to deliver the clean zero energy buildings our future demands by applying rigorous construction standards to key systems and technologies. Our homes and offices will be powered, heated, and cooled entirely by the sun and earth.”

FWE intends to make use of its technology and attain commercial scalability offering zero carbon households and warehouses.

The company’s management believes they have an opportunity to speed-up the transition to zero carbon buildings.

The Fourth Wave Energy System consists of several advanced technologies in a fully integrated system such as solar photovoltaics, battery storage, geothermal ground-source heating and cooling, highly insulated walls and windows and energy recovery ventilation.

It also includes air filtration and air quality monitoring, heat pumps, DC LED lighting and electric vehicle charging stations.

The components are monitored by a sophisticated Energy Management System (EMS).

FWE intends to develop its first pilot projects in Denver, San Jose and Dallas.

The company plans to develop its first pilot projects in Denver, San Jose and Dallas, and expects to have systems under construction by mid-2020 with first commercial sales by fourth quarter of this year. 

FWE intends to expand its marketing efforts to additional cities by 2021.