Oil and gas exploration and development company PetroTal announced the start of production from third oil well in the Bretana field, bringing the current total production of the field to over 5,000 barrels of oil per day (BOPD).

The BN 95-3D well marks the third oil well to reach total depth and complete as an oil producer in the Vivian formation in the northern portion of the Bretaña structure. The BN 95-3D well was brought online at an initial rate of approximately 3,500 BOPD.

PetroTal president and chief executive officer Manolo Zuniga said:  “The mid-year objective of reaching total field production of over 5,000 BOPD is yet another key milestone that has been reached by the team.  The BN 95-3D well came online at impressive rates, and although in its early days, is producing 3,500 BOPD.

“The team made a decision to complete the well vertically and deliver key cash flow, knowing that we can sidetrack the well into a horizontal completion at a later date, likely in 2020. We will now drill a water disposal well that will allow us to follow that work with a recompletion of the existing water well, turning it into an oil producer.”

PetroTal said that BN 95-3D is its first well completed with an electric submersible pump. The well is equipped with electric submersible pump (ESP) to optimize future well productivity.

Originally planned to be completed horizontally, the well was brought online through a deviated completion due to mechanical failure of the directional drilling tools, while drilling the section above the target Vivian formation.

The company said that the well, even with the sidetrack, is expected to come in under the estimated £10m pre-drill budget.

Bretana field production

Currently, production from the Bretaña field is restricted to between 5,000 and 6,000bopd with existing processing facilities.

The company’s second oil producer the 2XD, is producing at 2,400bopd, which is slightly more than the rates announced at the end of May 2019. The second and third wells are supplying the field’s oil capacity.

The company has shut the first well, drilled by a previous operator, to manage constraints in the field.