Electricity provider Peninsula Clean Energy has signed contracts to procure 245MW capacity from three California wind projects in the US.

The contracts are expected to support the Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) agency in reaching its target delivering reliable all-renewable, emission-free power by 2025.

In addition, the power procurement contracts will make a significant addition to Peninsula Clean Energy’s growing portfolio of solar generation.

Peninsula Clean Energy CEO Jan Pepper said: “In order to hit our 100 percent renewable goal we will need some significant contributions from wind energy.

“We are particularly gratified to have longer-term commitments in a highly competitive market for wind energy projects that will help us further push the envelope in giving our customers clean and affordable power.”

Peninsula Clean Energy has signed a seven-year extension with Avangrid Renewables for the 150 Shiloh I wind project in Solano County. The current contract, which ends in December 2023, will now be in place through 2030.

The CCA agency has also signed an 8-year contract with Shell Energy North America (US) to purchase half of the electricity generated by 130MW Voyager II wind project near Mojave, California.

Under the third contract, it will buy half of the expected 60MW generated for 20 years from the Sky River project, which is being repowered by a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources.

NextEra Energy Resources development senior vice president Matt Handel said: “We are pleased to work with Peninsula Clean energy to bring additional low-cost, renewable energy to its customers and economic growth to California.

“Once construction on this upgrade is completed, our project partners will enjoy an improved wind project that is more efficient and produces cost-effective energy.”

In January last year, the agency started supplying solar power to California’s San Mateo County from the 200MW utility-scale Wright Solar Project located in the nearby Central Valley.

Peninsula Clean Energy has a 25-year power purchase agreement with Wright Solar Park for all of the facility’s electricity.