Oseberg, an Oklahoma City-based leading upstream oil & gas data transformation technology company, announced the release of a ground-breaking new market intelligence product for the New Mexico oil & gas industry.  For the first time, operators now have direct access from within one application to multiple sources of New Mexico public oil & gas information including Federal BLM, State Land Office, Oil Conservation Division (OCD) and county courthouse records (from the 4 key Delaware/Permian Basin counties, Chavez, Eddy, Lea & Roosevelt).

These datasets provide full visibility to market activity throughout the asset development lifecycle.  Data includes deeds, leases, assignments, agreements, spacing & pooling applications and orders, spacing units, communitizations, state & federal drilling permits, and well information including completion, frac and monthly production.

Data is accessible through Oseberg’s flagship search & mapping application, Atla, along with dataStream Web Services and Oseberg’s ArcGIS Map Services.  In addition, all the county records and OCD regulatory filings are accessible via Full Text Search (“FTS®”), a powerful “Google-like” search interface that allows customers to search hundreds of thousands of documents for specific words or phrases in seconds.

Mr. Cris Byers, Product Manager at Oseberg, commented: “This new dataset is already helping our clients find mineral owners, map pools by formation, navigate through federal leases and communitizations and determine working interest and overriding royalties.  It’s a treasure trove of data that has been difficult to find all in one place in the past.”  Oseberg’s Director of Product, Rich Herrmann, added: “It’s not just about putting well locations and lease outlines on a map.  We are extracting rich information from unstructured data sources, making previously unsearchable data searchable and therefore useful.  It’s a game changer.”

Mountain Lion Oil, based out of Houston TX, was an early Beta partner of the New Mexico product.  President Griffin Haby was exuberant: “In a scarce public data environment, Oseberg is king in New Mexico!  They allowed us to analyze current and future production in seconds versus hours.  Very thankful we were included in the Beta testing and had a chance to get a jump on competition in the royalty space.”