AGP Group has expanded from its over 100-year old legacy in construction and engineering business to acquisition of Gas Entec Co., Ltd. (Gas Entec), which designs small- to medium-sized LNG vessels. AGP Group possesses high engineering skills and marketing abilities in LNG industry, actively involved in developing the LNG businesses with floating LNG platforms and city gas business to meet the growing demand mainly in Southeast Asia and India.

Osaka Gas is presently active in Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia, growing the gas supply business for industrial customers, as well as the energy services business. There are also plans to begin operating in Vietnam this year. With this investment and entry into a collaboration agreement, there will continue to be synergy from the project development know-how and engineering skills that the AGP Group has in LNG businesses as well as the knowledge that Osaka Gas has accumulated domestically for LNG and gas pipelines. Moving forward, the companies will be actively involved in developing LNG terminal, power plant and LNG supply businesses to create a natural gas value chain in Southeast Asia and other countries which have growing demand for LNG.

The Daigas Group* is dedicated to accelerating its growth in overseas energy sectors, as noted in Going Forward Beyond Borders 2030, their long-term business vision and mid-term business plan. Moving forward, Southeast Asia, where expectations are that natural gas demand will continue to grow, will be positioned as a critical region of activity. The overseas energy business, including the work in Southeast Asia, will be expanded.

Source: Company Press Release