Ørsted finds the situation deeply disturbing, not least the human suffering following the war in Ukraine. The Russian aggression goes against everything that Ørsted stands for, and we have therefore taken significant steps in accordance with our values as a company.

Regarding the gas from Gazprom that is supplied to Denmark, Ørsted recommends a clear and coordinated effort from the EU and the UK. Shortfalls in gas supplies will, as opposed to stopping supply of other types of products, have severe human and societal consequences and therefore need to be coordinated at EU and national levels rather than decided by individual companies. Therefore, the dependency on Russian gas and any ban on import of gas from Russia need to be decided and enforced by clear political sanctions.

Ørsted’s management has taken the following immediate actions as a consequence of the Russian aggression:

  • We have stopped all sourcing of biomass and coal for our power stations from Russia.
  • We are not entering into new contracts with Russian companies.
  • We have made sure that no direct Ørsted suppliers for the build-out of renewable energy are Russian.
  • We have committed a financial contribution to Unicef and are also urgently looking into how best to support local organisations in Poland on handling the refugee situation.
  • We devote special attention to those colleagues that have family members and friends in Ukraine who need time and support to be able to help and support their family and friends in Ukraine.

All potential EU or national sanctions impacting the gas supply will be fully supported and immediately executed.