Nuverra Environmental Solutions (Nuverra) today announced the successful completion of its 2000th field ticket for its operators in the Marcellus and Utica basins leveraging Ondiflo, a blockchain platform for the oil and gas industry.

By leveraging the Ondiflo platform for the automation of its produced water hauling, frac water hauling and service jobs, Nuverra is focusing primarily on the optimization of the dispatching of trucks to the field and the automation of the ticketing process. Nuverra and its customers, who are operators or third-party trucks coming to their saltwater disposals, are hoping to achieve a much leaner order-to-settlement process. Achieving this relies on the visibility and the transparency enabled between parties through the Ondiflo platform and in particular by smart contracts validating the key information recorded in the blockchain immutable ledger.

The pilot, scheduled for three months, has been deployed across 5 terminal locations, servicing over 100 well pads and 20 disposal sites (saltwater disposal or frac) and already includes more than 100 users (drivers and dispatchers). The pilot covers produced water, frac water and service work tickets.

Greg Tipton, CIO of Nuverra said, “Nuverra is on a journey to deploy technology bringing safety and efficiency to our operations while creating more value for our customers. Nuverra and a couple of operators, the early adopters of new technologies are seeking incremental benefits and cost savings with the Ondiflo solution.”

Rana Basu, COO of Ondiflo, added, “The user adoption has been phenomenal so far; we are encouraged by the initial feedback from the field in particular and are very confident to deliver the cost savings in conjunction with the operational benefits as we scale to full deployment. This project is also our first deployment on the AWS cloud with exemplary migration support from the AWS team.”