Israel-based renewable energy investment platform Novasec has announced the launch of its new investment platform that connects investors with the opportunities in renewable energy sector.

Novasec said that its new platform combines the renewable energy sector with digital securities and provides investors with the potential for lower-risk, competitive returns, through a careful project selection process.

The international shift towards power sources like wind and solar is increasing and 137 countries across the world have committed to reducing 80% to 90% of their carbon emissions.

With renewable energy is becoming cheaper than fossil fuels and a reduction in the number of state subsidies and feed-in tariffs, the company sees an opportunity for private investors to benefit from projects that were previously available only to large scale institutional investors.

Novasec’s renewable energy investment platform details

Novasec said that its end-to-end platform has been developed for financing renewable energy projects through private placements for accredited investors, while it manages the entire investment process.

The platform is intended to maximise returns, minimise risk, increase availability and integrate the benefits of the flexibility, liquidity, transparency, fractionalisation and embedded compliance provided by digital securities.

Novasec CEO and co-founder Michael Tishler said: “Novasec is proud to help fund the future of the energy industry, offering accredited investors access to attractive renewables opportunities.

“Our team of professionals brings together experience from across the financial services, private equity and renewable energy industries, which has allowed us to build a unique end-to-end platform that will benefit both investors and our partners. We are thrilled to embark on this journey and get to work towards our first project.”

Novasec identifies the suitable projects for investors, by conducting in-depth due diligence, establishing legal and tax structure for projects companies to finance, and setting the fundraising and distribution strategy for smooth and transparent operation.