Nova East Wind, a joint venture between DP Energy and SBM Offshore, is formed with the primary aim of creating Canada’s first offshore wind farm. Positioned around 20-30km from Goldboro, Nova Scotia, the project is conceived as a floating offshore wind farm concept, projecting an energy generation capacity of 300-400MW.

This endeavour not only envisions a cleaner energy future but also holds the potential to inaugurate a compelling fresh sector within Nova Scotia. By aligning with the Province’s objective of sourcing 80% of its electricity from renewable origins by 2030, this venture is poised to catalyse the local electricity grid’s decarbonisation.

Established in 2021, the expanding project team has been diligently working to establish connections with stakeholders and vested parties within Nova Scotia. This proactive engagement aims to comprehensively grasp the nuances of local limitations and prospects. With an emphasis on progression, the team’s efforts have predominantly revolved around pinpointing and embracing superior methodologies encompassing environmental considerations, regulatory adherence, supply chain optimisation, labour force integration, and construction excellence.

The precise positioning of the wind farm will be determined in strict accordance with pertinent regulations, propelled by continued interaction with pivotal stakeholders and rights holders. This inclusive approach spans discussions with entities such as First Nations, governmental bodies, commercial fishermen, local communities, environmental advocacy groups, and regulatory authorities.

DP Energy CEO Simon De Pietro said: “We are delighted to announce our new floating offshore wind project with partner SBM Offshore, the first of its kind in Canada. Nova East Wind’s project off Goldboro is an important step in Nova Scotia’s renewable energy journey which we are incredibly excited to be a part of.

“Our local team has been actively engaging with communities and stakeholders in Nova Scotia since 2021 and these groups will continue to be at the core of this project going forward.”

SBM Offshore project development director Ambroise Wattez said: “SBM Offshore has been active in Nova Scotia for many years, and we are delighted to write a new chapter of the offshore industry here, with our partner DP Energy. We are very pleased to announce Nova East Wind’s project off Goldboro today, bringing our contribution to the energy transition in Canada. We intend to do so with a special attention to local workforce, supply chain and communities to kickstart Nova Scotia’s floating offshore wind sector responsibly.”