NorSea Wind recently won a tender to operate and maintain Sprogø Offshore Wind Farm – one of the most famous wind farms in Denmark - owned by European Energy.


Image: NorSea Wind wins contract to operate and maintain Sprogø Offshore Wind Farm. Photo courtesy of NorSea Group.

This is one of the first contract where a complete O&M agreement is offered to a 3rd party supplier. The contract is important to Norsea Wind for several reasons and sets a milestone for Offshore Wind supply. Through this contract we are contributing to the development of renewable energy and in addition to this building a more diversified service portfolio for the company.

NorSea Wind won the contract in close competition against another 3rd party O&M supplier “The competence of our employees empowers us to believe that we can save on the maintenance costs for the 7 WTGs”, says CEO Dennis Jul Pedersen. The contract commenced the 1st of January 2019.

Source: Company Press Release