As part of the order, Nordex will supply 104 N149/4.0-4.5MW turbines and 10 of its N131/3900 turbines for ‘Nysäter’ project which includes two wind projects to be located in the Västernorrland region of Sweden, ‘Hästkullen’ and ‘Björnlandhöjden’.

In addition, the turbine-supplier has signed a two year contract to provide services for the turbines, as a contractor under E.ON’s long term management, operation and maintenance agreement for the project.

Nordex stated that the two project sites have average wind speeds between 7.5 and 8.0 metres per second. The selected turbines are claimed to specifically suited for the conditions of the region.

Nordex chief sales officer Patxi Landa said: “Nysäter is a lighthouse project in several respects. We see this major order as confirmation of the highly competiveness of our latest technology, the N149.

“The turbine passes the most extreme scrutiny and requirements of customers and financing banks in terms of bankability and technical and economic feasibility, and this in one of the most challenging markets in Europe.

“This deal also confirms our customers’ confidence in the Nordex Group and the capabilities of our team to deliver large and complex projects in challenging environment.”

Nordex stated that the turbine operations will be configured flexibly to adapt to the local conditions in a bid to optimize energy yields.

The company will start turbine installation in March 2020 at Hästkullen wind project and in May 2021 at Björnlandhöjden.

The Nysäter wind project is owned by a fund advised by Credit Suisse Energy Infrastructure Partners and E.ON Climate & Renewables.

E.ON Climate & Renewables Onshore Wind Europe Director Katja Bartsch-Wünschel said: “It is impressive to deliver this unique project now from the development phase into construction. The great collaboration between the Nordex team and our team was a key success factor and enabled us to apply now the most updated technology with the N149.”