Nordex and Fábrica Argentina de Aviones’s production facility will be established in Córdoba and will start operations next year. The facility will manufacture nacelles and hubs for the AW3000 turbine.

Nordex stated that the assembly shop has been designed to annually capacity of up to 150 turbines of 3MW class, which equals to about 500MW of output capacity. The company is also planning two local production plants to produce concrete towers in the country. These plans are expected to increase the local share of the company to an extent of 36%.

Nordex CEO José Luis Blanco said: “To date we have been very successful in Argentina and over the past two years have received orders for more than 600MW. We are convinced that the market has enormous potential. The authorities have done great work by launching the RenovAR and MATER programmes in order to create the preconditions for this growth market. Today there are several GW under construction.

“Our local production plant here is a first step: in the coming years we plan to further localise the supply chain in order to meet national requirements. So this will mean even more jobs for the Argentinian industry.”

The new facility will create 100 specialist jobs and further 200 jobs at each of the two concrete tower plants.

Recently, AES Argentina Generación placed two orders with the German turbine-maker. For the first order, Nordex will supply of 24 AW132/3465 turbines for the Vientos Neuquinos wind farm to be built in the province of Neuquén in the south-west of the country. The second order includes the supply of 30 of AW132/3300 turbines for Energética wind farm.

Nordex presently, installed more than 23GW of wind energy across 25 markets and last year it generated revenues of €3.1bn. It has manufacturing facilities across Germany, Spain, Brazil, the United States and India.