Danish company NKT has been awarded a contract for the sea-section of a project to replace overhead lines with 420kV high-voltage AC power cables between the Beckomberga and Bredäng quarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

The power cable upgrade project aims to strengthen the stability of the local grid system to help accommodate increased power demand.

Under the contract, awarded by Ellevio, NKT will be responsible for providing a turnkey solution comprising design, manufacturing and offshore installation of the total of 50km power cables.

NKT high-voltage solutions head and executive vice-president Andreas Berthou said: – We see a growing need to expand power grids to support both rising populations and urbanization as well as increased political ambitions for use of electricity generated by renewable energy sources.

“NKT is recognised as a strong partner with a proven track record for such grid upgrade projects. Therefore, we are also pleased to be selected by our long-term customer Ellevio.”

Contract forms part of Stockholm Ström project

The contract is a part of Stockholm Ström project, which aims to ensure sufficient power supply for future generations.

The project is intended to address the increased stability of the Stockholm area power grid as well as expand the grid to match the rising number of inhabitants in the city.

NKT plans to commence manufacturing the offshore power cables at its factory in Karlskrona, Sweden in 2020 with the project scheduled for completion in 2022.

Ellevio will operate the Beckomberga-Bredäng connection, upon completion, at a 220kV level.

Last year, NKT, in a consortium with VBMS (now Boskalis), has selected to replace the high-voltage AC interconnector system between Denmark and Sweden to ensure efficient power transmission.

The work involves design, production and installation of four 400kV high-voltage power cables as well as removal of the old system.

Original cables for the interconnector system across the sea of Öresund, which have been installed in 1973, are to be replaced.