The Federal government of Zimbabwe has banned diamond mining along the water streams citing environmental impacts and pollution issues.

In a letter, Ministry of Water Resources Development and Management Secretary Ringson Chitsiko ordered catchment council chairpersons to withdraw and cancel all the mining approvals allotted by the authorities for the alluvial mining.

In addition, Chitsiko urged them not to issue any further permits for the diamond mining near water bodies, reported All Africa citing The Herald.

"We have noted with great concern that alluvial mining activities are seriously degrading water courses thereby posing a threat of access to reliable water by stakeholders due to the rapid siltation and pollution from gold processing chemicals such as mercury and
cyanide," Chitsiko said.

The move was on the back of complaints from the natives that the mining operations are polluting water bodies causing water-borne diseases.

Water resource authorities have further endowed catchment councils with custody of water resources falling under their respective zones and ordered them to follow the ban.