Zhaikmunai, an oil and gas exploration and production business based in northwestern Kazakhstan, said that its future production well #115 has been tested at higher than expected flow rates.

The well, located in the northeastern part of the Chinarevskoye oil and gas condensate field in Kazakhstan, test flowed 22,239 million cubic feet (mmcf) of natural gas and 1,087 barrels of condensate per day from the Middle Devonian Ardatovski clastic formation.

The well tested the Ardatovski reservoir in the interval 4,888m-4,913m, using an 18mm choke with a depression of 130atm, which is approximately 29% of the formation pressure.

Zhaikmunai CEO Kai-Uwe Kessel said that this is the first test of the Ardatovski horizon in a separate fault block in the northeastern part of Chinarevskoye field.

"Previously the Middle Devonian Biski and Vorobyovski horizons had been successfully tested in the same well in 2008," Kessel said.

The well #115 will be brought into production when Zhaikmunai’s gas treatment facility, which is currently being commissioned, starts up operations.