Are there any pumped storage or hydro projects out there that use treated sewage water?

As the 4x200MW Parsa pumped storage project in Israel approaches the last stage of the feasibility process, project manager Isaac Slobodkin, is keen to find out if it would be possible to use treated water from a nearby sewage plant to top up or to replace the fresh water supply.

Parsa pumped storage project has been designed as a stand-alone scheme using fresh water coming from existing aquifers at the site area, with no connection to any surface body of water. There are several million cubic meters of treated water available per annum at a nearby hotel resort. The team working on Parsa was asked to explore the possibility of using this water as an alternative supply of water to the plant.

They would be interested to hear from hydro developers and operators that have experience with treated sewage water or other sources apart from ‘fresh, clean’ water.

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