An IWP&DC reader has requested technical information regarding dissolved oxygen and nitrogen content in the tailwater of impulse turbines. Visitors to the IWP&DC wesbite have been able to provide the following information:

Mark Mobley writes:

As already mentioned the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) in the US has done a lot of work on dissolved oxygen releases and helped prepare the 1990 epri report. The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has done a lot of work on total dissolved gases in the Pacific Northwest through its waterways experiment station in Vicksburg, MS. For more details contact Steve Wilhelms on tel: +1 601 634 2475.

Several engineers are now serving as consultants and engineering contractors based on a wide range of expertise gained evaluating dissolved oxygen enhancement alternatives for TVA, USACE and private hydro power projects.

The team of Mobley Engineering and Reservoir Environmental Management has experience of evaluating over 40 hydro power projects for methods of improving water quality and recommending solutions. Over half of these projects have progressed to the implementation stage and are providing satisfactory results.

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