Ygrene has already been selected by 274 cities and counties across California and Florida, making it one of the nation's leading multi-state residential and commercial PACE providers.

With more than $785m in committed capital, Ygrene continues its rapid expansion, paving the way with its strong commitment to providing property owners a simple and easy process and service excellence.

City of Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva said: "The City of Stockton is extremely excited to have Ygrene as our new partner and PACE provider. I am impressed with their level of customer service. They are going to help make Stockton a more energy efficient city and their pricing plan is just right for our residents."

All Air Heating Air Conditioning and Solar CEO Kevin Gutierrez ,: "All Air Heating, Air Conditioning and Solar has done over $1m in PACE projects this year, enabling our company to grow and add a significant number of new jobs. As a Ygrene Certified Contractor I am thrilled about the expansion of the Ygrene territory to Stockton and look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead for us in this market."

In addition to offering the most comprehensive PACE program in the market, Ygrene also leads the industry when it comes to safe, transparent PACE financing and a high level of commitment to customer protections.

From application through approval, construction, project completion and funding, Ygrene's customer protection policies ensure consumers are supported every step of the way through its complete set of contractor certification, underwriting, consumer disclosure, data security and senior protection processes. For more information, view or download Ygrene's Customer Assurance and Protections.

YgreneWorks in Stockton

Ygrene's people-first approach to financing gives businesses and homeowners the most accessible and affordable way to pay for energy efficiency and climate resiliency upgrades. Rather than paying the high up-front payments associated with credit-based financing, YgreneWorks allows owners to pay off home and property improvements with terms of up to 30 years on their property tax bill.

Property owners can access YgreneWorks' list of certified contractors who will work with them to select and install eligible upgrades such as solar systems, energy efficient windows and doors, heating and air conditioning, cool roofs, and more.

With $1bn in approved applications for more than 21,000 buildings, YgreneWorks is helping cities across the nation meet their clean energy and climate resiliency goals and assist residents in making improvements that will save them money and increase the value of their properties.