Based on the IT platform, BoFiT, the solution is expected to support all key business processes for power plant scheduling and trading in the Turkish Electricity Market (PMUM), thus facilitating the best possible positioning on the day-ahead market.

Specifically, the IT platform BoFiT is designed to ensure a smooth daily operation through mapping and automation of the prior specified business processes.

Yeni Elektrik chairman Cem Sirin said several references in Europe demonstrates how much more efficient power plants can be operated using a ProCom solution.

”Especially in increasingly liberalised markets, everything depends on clear, reliable processes and the best possible use of market opportunities," Sirin added.

Commenting on the contract, ProCom managing director Andreas Nolden said, "With this order we can expand our position and our experience in the fast-growing Turkish energy market.”

Having an installed capacity of 865MWel, the power plant is scheduled to become operational in early 2014.