XsunX, a developer of thin-film photovoltaic solar cell technologies, has fabricated cells based upon its CIGSolar technology that surpass 14% conversion efficiency.

The company said this achievement supports its assertion that small-area, co-evaporation production provides the best platform to deliver the highest efficiency CIGS based solar cells necessary to compete with and potentially replace silicon photovoltaic technologies.

XsunX chief technology officer Robert Wendt said that in addition to achieving 14% efficiency of CIGS process development, the company demonstrated cell voltage in the range of 620 to 660mV clearly demonstrating the incorporation of gallium near the junction in the cell structure, which is necessary for producing high efficiencies.

Deposition of the CIGS cell layers was conducted on full size 125mm square substrates. Test configurations used to measure efficiency are identical to that used by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and XsunX test equipment is calibrated to the National Institute of Standards and Technology standards.