Located at Cattlegate Farm, Enfield, the facility will generate renewable energy for the grid from the vast amounts of food waste produced daily by London households, restaurants and the food industry.

The nutrients in the waste will then be recycled to make agricultural fertilizer.

The contract requires Xergi to deliver the plant and be responsible for the commissioning and operation for two years.

Xergi will establish a new organisation to operate the plant, which feature a pre-treatment facility that sorts plastic residues from organic waste.

It will also house an engine plant capable of producing 1.5MW of energy, enough to power about 1750 households.

Construction of the plant started in August 2014 and with planned completion in May 2016.

Xergi CEO Jørgen Ballermann said: "We are proud that we now have the opportunity to help make London’s food and energy production greener. Our technology is particularly suited to this task and we therefore look forward both to building the plant and the responsibility for operations."

Willen Biogas is owned by the investment funds Foresight Environmental Fund (FEF) and UK Waste Resources and Energy Investments fund (UKWREI).

Foresight Group manages both the funds on behalf of the UK Green Investment Bank.

Image: The Willen Biogas’ waste to energy facility will be located at Cattlegate Farm, Enfield, North London. Photo: Courtesy of Xergi.