The AX family, a 100 Gigabit-ready series based on the company’s dataflow architecture, is optimized to deliver IPTV and Video-on-Demand with very high quality. Fully programmable, the AX family enables for easy adaptation to carrier requirements and new access standards, such as DSL Forum WT-201 (TR101) and WT-145. It also enables carriers and NEVs to extend the lifetime of access equipment from three to five years to 20 plus years, and to accelerate time to market for new, revenue-generating services. These features ultimately allow carriers and NEVs to obtain a faster return on investment while increasing vendor interoperability.

Based on a network processor core embedded into the Ethernet Switch, the AX family of access switches retain the advantages of a network processor, such as feature flexibility and design flexibility for ring, star, dual star, and meshed topologies, while providing low cost and high performance in the access. Ideal for broadband access applications, these switches offer advanced user flow management of quadruple play services for voice, video, television and data as well as Carrier Ethernet services such as E-LAN, E-Line and E-Tree for business users. Due to their high integration and low power consumption, I-temp variants are also offered to enable hardened outdoor applications, which are common in fiber-to-the-curb or -node deployments.

The AX family of access switches consists of:

AX310 series: 50 G duplex, 12x10GE, 56xGE;

AX210 series: 25 G duplex, 6x10GE, 28xGE;

AX340 series: 50 G duplex, 12x10GE, 56xGE optionally with advanced Access;

AX240 series: 25 G duplex, 6x10GE, 28xGE optionally with advanced Access.

“By leveraging its tier one customer base in Carrier Ethernet, Xelerated is well positioned to extend into the fiber access market,” said Bob Wheeler, senior analyst at The Linley Group. “The AX family is a unique solution that provides network-equipment vendors with leading integration combined with programmable packet processing. Platforms based on the AX family of switches should enable carriers to deploy new features and protocols, extending the service life of their Carrier Ethernet infrastructure.”

Specifically, the AX240 and AX340 devices support advanced traffic management to QOS for quadruple-play services with fine-granular user flow management (EIR, CIR, CBS, and EBS) and flow control. Flexible service provisioning is supported with features like carrier-grade OAM protocols, such as 802.1ag, 802.1ah, ITU1731. Synchronous Ethernet and precision time protocol support wireless and circuit/leased line emulation. Carrier grade reliability with memory protection, high service availability, detect and recover from incidents within 50 ms, node and link redundancy and hitless in-service upgrades are supported.

“For several years we have been working with tier 1 carriers and NEVs to find the right trade offs in terms of cost, performance, power, scalability, reliability and flexibility,” said Thomas Eklund, vice president of marketing and business development for Xelerated. “Endorsed by leading tier one carriers we are pleased that it serves as such a flexible, cost-effective alternative for access and enterprise systems. The AX family of switches sets the foundation for all Ethernet-based systems, and delivers lower cost and faster time to market compared to designs employing separate fixed-function Ethernet switch devices and/or FPGAs.”

The AX series is fully software compatible with the HX300 family of products, and also its previous generation network processor, the X11. The company currently services eight out of the 10 Carrier Ethernet NEVs.