XcelPlus Global Holdings Inc. (XcelPlus), a US-based provider of alternative fuels, has received contracts from biodiesel refineries for production of its GlyClene alternative fuel. The company is delivering fuel to customer sites, which have received state EPA permits. GlyClene is a renewable fuel-oil supplement. It will be produced from biodiesel byproducts using its Waste 2 Oil process.

The other fuel produced by XcelPlus, GlyCoal is a sulfur-free supplement for large industrial applications. Both fuels qualify for a 50-cent-per-gallon government subsidy for each gallon of fuel burned, giving the products financial and environmental benefits. Because the fuels need biodiesel waste products as raw material, they also create a new value stream for bio refiners.

We now have a delivery infrastructure in place for the Southeast U.S., with producer partners contracted to make GlyClene fuel to our specifications, using our raw materials and technology, said J. Michael Parsons, president of XcelPlus.

GlyClene fuel has been recently tested by state EPA officials in Alabama, where it met or surpassed the high emissions and efficiency needs. The test validated what we already knew, said Parsons. Our fuel still has to be tested by each state EPA where we have customers, and as of today that is our last hurdle before large-scale deliveries begin. We expect smooth sailing through these tests, with bureaucratic delays in the permitting process the only thing standing in the way of widespread use of GlyClene fuel.