Mr Adams joined World Energy in 2003 to help bolster the company’s market presence. As president, he will direct the company’s strategic resources across its retail, wholesale and environmental product lines as the company strives to provide customers with the most efficient, effective means to buy and sell energy and green commodities.

Richard Domaleski, CEO of World Energy Solutions, said: Phil has been an invaluable contributor to the success of World Energy at both the operational and strategic level in his role as COO. Our rapid growth has created the need for him to provide that leadership across a broader front. The company is more committed than ever to meeting the changing needs of our customers and suppliers by offering more flexible product options as well as addressing the evolving environmental-related needs of state, federal and local governments as well as global corporations. To meet this challenge, we will leverage Phil’s energy and commitment as president across the entire organization.

Mr Adams said: We have a significant opportunity to create an efficient marketplace that can address one of the world’s most pressing problems – global warming. From both personal and professional perspectives, I am excited to take on this difficult and important opportunity in an expanded role with the company.