Woodward Governor Company has entered into a multi-year agreement to supply wind power converters to Germany's REpower Systems.

The company will manufacture the CONCYCLE power converters for REpower at its facilities in Kempen, Germany; Krakow, Poland; and Fort Collins, US.

Woodward Electrical Power Systems president Gerhard Lauffer said that this agreement significantly strengthens Woodward’s relationship with REpower, especially in Europe and the US.

"As the wind turbine market recovers from the past year, we anticipate solid growth for the market and our power converter business," Lauffer said.

Power converters are a critical component for delivering stable power to the grid by controlling the voltage and power from the wind turbine generator, so that voltage and frequency are constant and independent of the variable rotation speed of the wind turbine.

Woodward is an independent designer, manufacturer and service provider of energy control and optimization solutions.