Woodside Energy has made its third gas discovery in Myanmar when its Pyi Thit-1 exploration well encountered a gas reserve of around 65m in the Southern Rakhine Basin.

The exploration well is located in Block A-6 offshore Myanmar in which the Australian oil and gas company through its subsidiary Woodside Energy (Myanmar) holds a 40% stake. Woodside is the joint operator of the block and the Pyi Thit-1 well along with MPRL E&P which holds a 20% stake.

The Australian exploration firm has reported that about 36m of net gas pay interval has been discovered within the primary target sandstone reservoir.

Calling the Pyi Thit-1 discovery as another success in an underexplored region, Woodside CEO Peter Coleman stated: “This result builds on our understanding of the potential resources in the Southern Rakhine Basin and will further inform our consideration of development options.”

Prior to the Pyi Thit-1 gas discovery, Woodside had discovered gas in the Block A-6 contained Shwe Yee Htun-1 well in January 2016 and a month later in the Block AD-7 contained Thalin-1A well.

Drilling of the Pyi Thit-1 well was carried on a total depth of 4,570m after it was spudded on 10 June. Wireline logging was conducted after the drilling activity which confirmed the existence of a gas column using pressure measurements and gas sampling.

Woodside has revealed that it had subsequently carried out a drill stem test across a 29m section of the reservoir. Following which, it said that gas with strong reservoir pressure support flowed at approximately 50 mmscf/d on a 44/64” choke for 44 hours.