Under the $1.4m turn-key contract, the company will replace the existing panels with its Icon control systems that provided power plant operators the ability to modify turbine controls themselves to meet differing plant conditions.

The company will be responsible for the design, control system equipment, software, site installation, testing and commissioning of the new systems.

Wood Group GTS – Power Plant Services president Frank Avery said the GE LM6000 gas turbines play an essential part in driving today’s power plants and industrial power generation facilities.

”However, the proprietary OEM systems that control those turbines are nearing the end of their natural life cycles and many owners are experiencing issues due to obsolescence, functional limitations or maintainability challenges," Avery added.

"Our controls upgrades and optimization products provide increased flexibility and reliability to owners and operators of gas turbines.”

Icon controls form part of Wood Group GTS’ overall products and services designed to maximize the return on plant operators’ investment in gas turbine technology.