WGW, a joint venture (JV) between Wood Group PSN, and Wagners, a Australia-based materials and mining services company, will provide pipeline project management personnel for the 420km gas transmission pipeline.

The pipeline is being developed as part of the Gladstone Liquefied Natural Gas (GLNG) project, in Queensland, Australia.

WGW’s contract extension is effective from May 2013, while the original contract of 2.5 years was awarded in March 2011.

The JV will provide a team of quality assurance and welding inspection specialist, who will be involved in the design, construction and commissioning phases of the pipeline development.

The team will also govern and supervise the project compliance, environmental impact, pipeline component design, quality control of overseas manufacture, logistics for pipe delivery to remote site locations, and field based construction teams.

WGW employs around 90 people on the project. The team is spread out across a number of sites between Roma and Gladstone, with technical and support personnel located in Brisbane.

Wood Group Wagners business manager Steve Henry said the contract extension will allow the company’s workforce to continue to work on the project right through its completion.

"We have continually achieved all contract key performance indicators (KPIs), which feature measures on mobilization of personnel, personnel retention and team member performance," Henry added.