Wison Engineering has entered into an agreement with Germany-based high-quality special steel solutions provider Schmidt+Clemens (S+C), to supply its HT-E high alloy material for cracking furnaces in China.

China-based Wison Engineering is a wholly-owned subsidiary of engineering, procurement and construction management services provider Wison Engineering Services.

As per the agreement, Wison Engineering will be the sole provider of S+C’s high-performance (HP) HT-E alloy furnace tubes and SCOPE furnace tubes for the projects that it undertakes to revamp and construct new furnaces.

The HP furnace tubes help in reducing the formation of coking on the inner surface of the tube during cracking processes, and have a long service lifespan.

The partnership between the two companies will use S+C’s technological knowhow in HP alloy furnace tubes and Wison’s
engineering expertise in China’s ethylene cracking furnace industry and create opportunities to enter and develop in overseas market.