The well has reached a final total depth (TD) of 3,220m measured depth from rotary table (MDRT) (2,817m true vertical depth) .

The drilling and wireline logging of the Lempuyang-1 well is now complete and a 4.5" liner is being set to total depth in preparation for the possible testing of the well.

The TD was set above the original proposed depth of 3,500m MDRT because of drilling challenges associated with managing over-pressures in the well.

However, several significant gas kicks encountered while drilling meant that the design needed to be modified to suit the conditions in the wellbore.

Three of the four target horizons in the wellbore were fully penetrated and assessed by the well with only the upper part of the lowest horizon (Green) was intersected.

The preliminary interpretation of the wireline logs suggests possible gas charged reservoirs at each of the three lowest target horizons.

The partners in Brunei Block L and in the Lempuyang-1 well are Kulczyk Oil Brunei (40%), AED South East Asia (50%) and QAF Brunei (10%).