‘Power on Demand’ is designed to utilize energy inputs from multiple sources together with a custom-designed battery storage bank to reduce grid demand and provide power when customer loads are high, thereby smoothing power demand on the grid and lowering electricity costs to the customer.

The energy can be generated from renewable sources such as wind and solar and also from fuel cells and the grid itself, depending on the available energy resources at a given site, and each Power on Demand system is custom designed with options to blend in renewable energy inputs to best utilize the resources at the customer’s location.

The system is designed to include a proprietary smart monitoring technology developed by WindTamer that, among other things, monitors the power usage of the site in real-time and determines when to release energy from the battery system so as to optimize the battery life and maximize the value of the overall system to the customer.

The Power on Demand system integrates one WindTamer 8.0GT wind turbine, 3kW of solar energy, 182kWh of usable energy storage and more than 100kW of power distribution capability.