WindPower Innovations, a wind power infrastructure and smart grid solutions company, has signed a letter of intent with Wind Sail Receptor, to produce new technologically advanced, next generation wind turbines.

The two companies intend to establish a strategic alliance with which WindPower Innovations will provide wind turbine generators and electronic components to Wind Sail Receptor.

WindPower Innovations chief technical officer Ian Griffiths said that the new generation of wind turbine will pay off with increased efficiencies as a result of Wind Sail Receptor’s technologically advanced blade design, coupled with permanent magnet generators, electronics and grid-tie inverter from the company.

“The Permanent Magnet generators and a grid-tie inverter can now produce a constant 60Hz ac power over a wider band of operation than traditional wind turbines, from 20% to 125% of rated power, with a unity factor of 1,” Ian said.