The company is designing the Leidy Southeast expansion project to help the local gas distribution companies and electric power generators along the Atlantic Seaboard and across the southeastern US.

The proposed expansion project is expected to transmit natural gas from various supply points along Transco’s Leidy Line to the mainline system’s delivery points ending at its Zone 4 Market Pool in Alabama.

Williams Partners natural gas pipeline business president Randy Barnard said the Transco Leidy Line is strategically positioned through the heart of one of the most important natural gas production areas in the country.

"This project also leverages Transco’s access to some of the fastest growing markets in the country," Barnard added.

"Linking the supply to the demand could significantly expand the Leidy Line’s currently subscribed firm capacity of 1,700,000 dekatherms by up to 50 percent."

Williams, the 68% owner of Williams Partners, had earlier announced Atlantic Access project to propose transportation options from various Marcellus shale supply regions in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, and the Leidy Southeast expansion project is a part of it.

The company is presently working on the shipper agreements and is expecting to pre-file with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in early 2013.

The negotiations with the shippers will determine the project’s cost and final scope.

US based company Williams Partners is focused on natural gas transportation; gathering, treating, and processing; storage; natural gas liquid (NGL) fractionation; and oil transportation.