Over the past year, the water power and dams industry has witnessed the call for a moratorium on large dam construction. In addition, while questioning the operational effectiveness of existing dams and hydroelectric facilities, the World Commission on Dams has urged the industry to squeeze more out of these projects. Isn't this a wake up call? Shouldn't we be grasping such opportunities to generate new business for old plants?

International Water Power and Dam Construction’s conference, Uprating and Refurbishing Hydro Power Plants VIII, will show you where new uprating and refurbishment opportunities are, particularly in Eastern Europe where political and economic transformation of the power sector is now taking place.

Financial institutions will give you guidance about their funding policies for such work, and panellists will help you identify and successfully overcome environmental, social and legal barriers in this area. Practical approaches to cost-effective uprating and refurbishment will also be demonstrated through technical papers and panel discussion.

Careful analysis of existing plant, along with probing discussion on how uprating and refurbishment is carried out, will highlight expanding business opportunities for the future. Successful uprating and refurbishment may also have implications for future dam construction. The simple fact is – if existing projects are not maintained properly, why should dam opponents believe these are worthwhile, or that new schemes will perform any better?

By looking at the broader issue of uprating and refurbishment you can run your hydro business more effectively. At URHP VIII, our skilled panellists and technical presentations will help you define the path for uprating and refurbishment well into the twenty-first century.
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