Aris Candris, president and chief executive officer of Westinghouse, will announce: “This arrangement would give Westinghouse the opportunity to consider significant investment in the site as we continue to see strong signs of a nuclear renaissance, bringing with it increased demand for fuel supplies. It offers longer term security of employment to current employees, as well as the potential for new jobs in the future.

If a successful arrangement can be agreed, then the outcome will represent a positive benefit for the NDA, for Westinghouse, for the current and future employees of the site, and for the UK’s nuclear industry as a whole. Furthermore, it will cement Westinghouse’s position at the heart of the UK nuclear industry. In the meantime the Westinghouse site management at Springfields will remain fully committed to the highest standards of safe operation and regulatory compliance for which they already have an exemplary track record.”

John Clarke, NDA commercial director said: “The NDA has enjoyed a successful five-year relationship with Westinghouse as the M&O contractor for Springfields. Their long term understanding of the site together with their experience as a nuclear fuel vendor makes Westinghouse a good partner to exploit the potential of the site. The NDA will work hard to ensure that this great opportunity to ensure continued employment and a long term platform for increased investment is a success. We will, of course, continue to deliver our Energy Act obligations in terms of the current nuclear liabilities in relation to the site.”

Discussions between Westinghouse and the NDA will now take place over the coming months to finalise the details of the new arrangement.