As part of memorandum of understanding (MoU), Toshiba and Westinghouse will deliver nuclear expertise related to their advanced reactors, while ENP will provide operations and associated services for the project.

Toshiba Corporate executive vice president Yasushi Igarashi said the agreement enables the companies to develop proposals for Saudi Arabia for the most advanced and safest nuclear energy technologies in the world.

”We are confident that we can support the Kingdom in its efforts to diversify its energy mix and ensure long-term energy security,” Igarashi added.

Westinghouse president and CEO Danny Roderick said, ”We are confident that this project will go well, as we already have a deep working relationship with Toshiba and with Exelon, which is a long-standing customer and business partner.”

Established in April 2010, K.A.CARE is designed to promote alternative energy sources to oil, as the country plans to construct as many as 16 nuclear power reactors by 2032.