Westinghouse Electric Company has secured a contract from Vattenfall Nuclear Fuels, to provide replacement fuel deliveries for its Forsmark 1 and Ringhals 3 nuclear power plants in 2015.

The company has an option for additional deliveries in 2016.

As per the agreement terms, Westinghouse will produce the fuel at its fabrication facility in Västerås, Sweden.

The company has been providing fuel to the Forsmark and Ringhals plants since 1973 and has so far delivered about 11,500 fuel assemblies.

Westinghouse was recently awarded the replacement fuel contracts for Forsmark Units 1 and 2 and Ringhals Units 2, 3 and 4 nuclear power plants in 2009, for the period 2011 to 2014.

Forsmark 1 is a 995MW boiling water reactor nuclear power plant, located on the east coast of Uppland, Sweden, whereas Ringhals 3 is a 1063MW pressurized water reactor situated about 60km south of Gothenburg.