Westinghouse Electric Company said that its bid for the expansion of Temelín Nuclear Power Plant in the Czech Republic, has received highest ranking from ČEZ.

The company said the ranking reaffirms the quality and depth of its bid to develop and deliver a turnkey dual-unit AP1000 plant at Temelín.

During the next phase of the negotiations, Westinghouse and its partners will continue to work closely with CEZ.

The company along with its partners will provide an advanced and competitive project that will meet Czech and European Union licensing requirements.

Westinghouse president and CEO Danny Roderick said, "The AP1000 is the only solution offering a unique combination of four key benefits to CEZ and the Czech Republic: unequalled safety, licensing and project certainty, a high degree of sustainable and regional localization and technology and fuel diversification."

"The prior completion of Temelín Units 1 and 2 beginning in the early 1990s by Westinghouse and its Czech partners provides an additional basis of confidence in a successful expansion," Roderick added.

The AP1000 design is the only pressurized water reactor (PWR) design that includes advanced passive safety systems and extensive plant simplifications to increase plant safety, construction, assembly, operation, and maintenance.