The company is developing the new version of the AP1000 nuclear power plant with enhanced seismic resistance for some portions of the western US and other countries.

Westinghouse nuclear power plants senior vice president Jeff Benjamin said the customers in more active seismic environments are expressing interest to include the Westinghouse technology into their energy portfolios.

"With eight units under construction worldwide and more planned, the AP1000 plant is the leader in advanced nuclear energy technology," Benjamin added.

Currently, Westinghouse is working jointly with its majority owner Toshiba on a limited number of customised materials and/or reinforcements to enable construction of new units in areas comprising higher seismic spectrum.

"Development of the Specialized Seismic Option will broaden the AP1000 new-plant market and facilitate the growth of the AP1000 global fleet," Benjamin continued.

"It represents a new opportunity to bring the unsurpassed safety, environmental and economic benefits of our technology to more people worldwide."

Benjamin said that the new option in areas with different seismic characteristics is expected to open new markets.