Westinghouse president Americas Mark Marano said, "We look forward to working with our partners and customers to put our new plant, fuel, automation and service technologies to work powering the region’s homes and businesses.

"Westinghouse is committed to benefitting the local economy, forging partnerships with universities and making a positive impact in the local communities."

The new office will be lead by Westinghouse vice president Latin America Carlos Leipner.

The business unit will help strengthen ties with regional suppliers and to support the region’s energy needs through development of new nuclear projects using the AP1000 reactor technology.

Westinghouse senior vice president nuclear power plants Jeff Benjamin said, "Brazil is in an excellent position to diversify and strengthen its energy portfolio with the reliable, clean, baseload generation that nuclear energy offers.

"The Westinghouse AP1000 plant’s proven passive safety features, strong licensing pedigree and modular construction provide superior delivery certainty – a key factor for countries looking to establish or expand their nuclear energy infrastructure."