The Flat Ridge wind farm is a 100MW project developed by BP. Westar will own half of the wind farm and purchase, under a purchase power agreement, energy from the remaining half. Flat Ridge will utilize 40 Clipper 2.5MW C-96 wind turbine generators.

Flat Ridge is expected to go online by the end of 2008. Westar is also investing in two other wind farms, the Meridian Way wind farm in Cloud County near Concordia, Kansas, and Central Plains wind farm in Wichita County near Leoti, Kansas.

Westar is expected to receive, under a purchase power agreement, energy produced at Meridian Way, and will own and operate the Central Plains site.

Bill Moore, Westar Energy’s president and CEO, said: Barber County is blessed with an abundance of wind that is ideal for generating clean, renewable energy. The energy produced at Flat Ridge will benefit our customers, Kansas and the region. We are building strong partnerships with counties and developers to better our energy future, and we look forward to being a good neighbor to the folks in Barber County.