Colombian egg producer Incubadora Santander has selected German company Weltec Biopower to build an 800kW biogas plant.

Scheduled to be commissioned early next year, the proposed plant can be operated without buying any additional substrate as Incubadora Santander farms’ yield vast amount of dry chicken manure and process water.

The biogas plant will use the co-digestion of dry chicken manure from the laying hens as feedstock and process water from the production.

The feedstock will be pre-treated in a sedimentation tank, where the manure will be separated from sand and lime. The resulting product will then be pumped into the 4,903m³ digester with the help of a 1,076m³ upstream storage unit.

The digestate, by way of co-digestion, will reach a high fertiliser value. This allows it to be returned into the plant‘s agricultural substance cycle for efficient use as liquid manure on its own fields.

Incubadora Santander third-generation company manager Montoya Muñoz said: “An important element of our strategy is to establish the Kikes‘ brand around the globe by means of various measures such as direct investments and strategic alliances.

“In the coming years, we will step up our production to 10 million eggs a day.”

Plant modules include the ready-for-operation CHP plant, the pre-installed pump and control technology as well as the stainless-steel panels for the tanks.

The Colombian government plans to increase its renewable energies share in its energy generation mix to 6.5% by 2020.

Image: Incubadora plans to be well prepared for its expansion plans with the new biogas plant. Photo: courtesy of Weltec Biopower.