Being developed about 80km north of the capital Seoul, in Gyeonggi-do province, the 450kW biogas plant will feature modern technology with smart control.

Scheduled to be commissioned in the early summer of 2016, the facility will be custom-built to meet the region’s special needs and country’s ecological goals.

South Korea depends on imports to meet 97% of its conventional energy requirement due to lack of significant fossil resources.

Weltec Biopower will invest and operate the new biogas plant, which will complement the existing biogas plant built by Weltec in 2012.

Weltec Biopower project manager Harro Brons said: "The sustainable waste disposal concept and the efficient processing of the input substances into high-nutrient fertiliser were decisive factors."

The plant will have a capacity to process and convert almost 100 tons of organic waste a day, of which 70% are pig manure, into biogas and fertiliser.4

The produced fertiliser will be stored in two stainless-steel digestate storage units each with a capacity of 5,590 m³ while the biogas will be used to operate a combined heat and power plant.

Power will be directly transferred into the power grid while the heat will be used by the company for its buildings and for internal processes.

Harro Brons added: "For this project, we programmed the control in Korean."

Image: South Korea imports 97% of its conventional energy sources to meet its demand. Photo: courtesy of WELTEC BIOPOWER GmbH.