Available from UK-based pipeline specialists Radiodectection is the Smart Interrupter, a solid state interrupter designed for use by corrosion technicians when determining the effectiveness of cathodic protection on pipelines. The unit features advanced power management, high current switching capability, user programmability, circuit protection and compact physical size. It has high current capability and is available in both 50A and 100A versions.

The SI is fully microprocessor controlled and can store up to 10 configurations. Master/slave synchronisation comes as standard along with reverse polarity protection. A gPS synchronisation option is also available.

For pipeline location, the SI is fully compatible with Radiodetection’s advanced Precision Pipeline Locator (PPL). According to the company, this means operators can use the CP transformer as a signal source and accurately trace the pipe over long distances without the need for bulky transmitters and large battery packs.