The pilot program will first rollout in Houston, Texas, followed by pilot projects in San Diego, Sacramento, California, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Camden, New Jersey.

Waste Management anticipates the program to provide greater operational flexibility and reduce trips, fuel use, greenhouse gas emissions and improved maintenance costs.

The Rotopress modular technology, combined with a decoupled tractor-trailer configuration using natural gas as its fuel source, provides a number of operational and environmental benefits to meet the challenges of a diversifying waste stream, reduces capital costs, reduces exposure to rising fuel prices and reduces vehicle emissions.

Rotopress, manufactured by Faun, a German manufacturer of waste disposal vehicles, has been in operation across Europe for more than eight decades.

Waste Management fleet and logistics vice president Eric Woods said the Rotopress will help contribute toward our corporate sustainability goal to increase fuel efficiency by 15% and decrease emissions by 15% by 2020.