The 34,967sq ft building includes 1,127sq ft of office space, and the balance is dedicated to the processing and transfer of 150,000 tons of yard trimmings and food scraps annually.

Davis Street Resource Recovery Complex senior district manager Jack Isola said the organics processing and transfer facility is the keystone to future developments at Davis Street.

The energy-efficient building has biofilter to eliminate odor and it has high-speed rollup doors to contain odor and to prevent bird entry.

Daylighting for the building will be provided via translucent panels and solar tubes.

The building’s mechanically stabilized embankment walls built with 100% recycled aggregate.

The building has 40% of materials sourced locally, and 20% of materials from recycled sources.

WMAC’s Organics Material Review Institute-listed composting facility in Marin County will receive residential organics.

Excess materials are sent to third-party composters and in the case of nearly 500 tons of Christmas trees to biofuel facilities.