Washington State University’s (WSU) College Of Business has deployed PC power management software from Verdiem, an enterprise software company, and has reported a more than 40% reduction in energy consumption based on an initial pilot implementation.

WSU has made the implementation through a master contract agreed between the Washington State Department of Information Services and Verdiem to make the software available to state agencies, local and tribal governments and qualified non-profit organizations in Washington.

WSU has implemented Verdiem’s PC power management software to over 350 PCs and has used the capabilities of the technology to improve the patch management and software update process.

Verdiem’s PC power management software will enable the college to automatically put the PCs into a low-power sleep state when not in use, while its Surveyor Wake-on-WAN technology will allow the users to wake their PCs, even when they need to connect to them remotely.

Verdiem vice president of marketing Brett Goodwin said that the company is delighted to be working with Washington State University and pleased to see the tangible results they have already achieved with Verdiem’s PC Power Management Solution.